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Stop Any Foreclosure Effort or ( S.A.F.E)  for short  

Where you will learn to stop foreclosure without an attorney. Lets keep this short and sweet folks. We are here to help you. This is a free service. You have questions and we have answers. (THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE). We were here for the 2008 crash. Just like you. We know what was said by the government last crash in 2008. 

 Let’s keep it simple. Help was promised to the families in foreclosure. The people paid trillions to a bailout. Unfortunately, the bailout was for the banks. Foreclosures happened at a never before seen rate. Please google these terms.  

Robo signer, 2008 bailout, and 2008 bankers bonus. I know some of you are not too sharp. So you will not read what happened in 2008. The bankers who crashed the market, and took your home, pension, and 401k, received bonuses from the government.
That’s the clean version of the story. The details are very nasty and expose some horrible people. 

 I shi* you not. Just take 2 mins. and look it up folks. Mad yet? Anyone who understands the machine can take advantage of the situation. Including people in foreclosure especially.  

  So I hope your ready to learn and profit from your current foreclosure situation. We have been doing this for years.